Bulimia Nervosa


Bulimia Nervosa - the binge/purge cycle

Bulimia Nervosa is a serious mental illness and can be triggered by dieting.  This can lead to a cycle of weight loss, binging and/or over-exercising.  More-often a person diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa presents as normal weight or may even be slightly overweight.

The onset of Bulimia has a genetic, social and cultural component and can be influenced by a number of factors, including an emphasis on body shape and weight to evaluate their self worth.  When this happens a person may use a number of strategies to compensate such as:

  • vomiting after meals;

  • using laxatives or diuretics;

  • fasting with the aim of losing weight;

  • exercising excessively;

  • Using prescription or illicit drugs as a way to control weight.




Bulimia Nervosa should be considered if a person displays:

  • fluctuations in weight;

  • ongoing dieting and avoidance of food;

  • unexplained trips to the bathroom following meals;

  • signs of depression and/or anxiety;

  • rules or rituals in regard to food;

  • decrease in socialising, especially around food;

  • self-loathing.

While those with Bulimia can be stuck in a dangerous cycle of binging and purging behaviour, recovery is possible. The team at Evolving Minds Counselling are members of ANZAED which is the peak body for Eating Disorders and are approved  by the Butterfly Foundation to provide specialist counselling.  We have also completed all specialist training and use only evidenced based therapies to help overcome unhelpful thinking patterns about weight and body image. 

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