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Children and adolescents

present with depression and anxiety differently than adults


In children and adolescents, depression and anxiety can present as a range of symptoms, such as the inability to function on a day-to-day basis, lack of energy, disruption in appetite and/or sleep patterns. 

In adolescence we can see an increase in social anxiety which may impact:

  • the ability to form and maintain relationships

  • attend social functions

  • school performance

  • self-esteem

  • ability to communicate effectively

  • ability to put healthy boundaries in place

Symptoms of anxiety and social can be quite debilitating and in its worst form, can lead to self-harm and suicidal ideation.

While some anxiety is normal, it can become problematic when it persists in such a manner that it impairs a person’s ability to function.   To tolerate and manage anxiety, we need the skill of noticing what is going on in our minds and bodies, which is why psychoeducation is an important part of therapy. 


Evolving Minds Counselling aims to provide children and adolescents with an age appropriate understanding of how anxiety and depression impact their day to day lives and ways in which they can take back control. 

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