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Exploring Identity
Evolving Minds: Safe and Inclusive

Evolving Minds Counselling takes great pride in being a member of the Welcome Here Project, championing a safe and non-judgemental environment that is free from discrimination.


We firmly believe in the fundamental principle that all individuals, irrespective of race, sexuality, gender, religion, or culture, deserve to be treated with utmost respect and dignity. 


At the heart of the Evolving Minds philosophy lies a commitment to providing a non-judgemental space where individuals can freely explore matters of identity with safety and respect. Such conversations may evoke a variety of emotions for children, adolescents, and their families, highlighting the significance of working together collaboratively.

For children or adolescents questioning their gender or sexuality, navigating these complexities can trigger a host of emotions such as anxiety or depression. Additionally, we recognise the significance of supporting parents during this period, as they manage their own emotions.

The Evolving Minds team recognise reaching out for support can feel overwhelming, and we're here to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Our goal is to empower you to make an informed decision about who can offer you the help you're seeking.

If you would like more details or want to arrange an appointment with one of our clinicians at Evolving Minds Counselling, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 02 8519 4197. We're here to help.


Alternatively, you can easily access our online booking form by clicking the button below.

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