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Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Improving Relationships through Counselling

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is a counselling method for treating mood disorders. It's focused and time-limited, aiming to enhance relationships and social functioning while reducing distress.

Interpersonal psychotherapy is an effective treatment for children, adolescent, adults and the elderly. It can be used to address anxiety, eating disorders, perinatal depression, grief, conflict, addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and other mood-related conditions. 

It focuses on maladaptive thoughts and behaviours within interpersonal relationships, with the aim of improving unhelpful patterns.

The goal of ITP is to enhance social functioning by addressing challenges in these areas:

Grief and loss: By addressing the interpersonal aspects of grief, such as changes in relationships and support systems, IPT helps process loss and build coping strategies. Through counselling and structured interventions, IPT facilitates healing.

Life transitions: IPT provides a supportive and structured environment to explore feelings, identify challenges, and develop coping strategies to adapt to new circumstances.  IPT assists in developing healthier coping mechanisms, enhancing social support networks, and building resilience.

Relationship difficulties: Clinicians work collaboratively to explore underlying issues, such as conflicts, unmet needs, or unresolved emotions, that may be contributing to relationship difficulties. By understanding these patterns, IPT helps develop adaptive strategies to navigate interpersonal relationships and resolve conflicts.

Family Counselling: IPT can help understand and address interpersonal conflicts, communication breakdowns, and relational patterns that contribute to distress within the family system. The focus is on improving communication skills and resolving conflict.


IPT is a valuable method if you are looking to improve your relationships.  It offers practical tools and strategies so you can overcome obstacles and create more meaningful connections with others.

​​Interpersonal Psychotherapy has been found to be effective using traditional face-to-face sessions and online sessions, via video-conferencing.


​​​​​If you would like to know more, please feel free to call Evolving Minds Counselling on (02) 8519 4197 or email us at  You can also  request an appointment by completing the online form below.

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