Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Image by Tyler Nix

A short term and structured therapy with a focus on relationships

​​Interpersonal Psychotherapy focuses on interpersonal relationships and how these affect our ability to function socially and is useful for:

  • managing conflict;

  • addressing grief and loss;

  • addressing changes in relationships;

  • addressing other changes which may cause us distress, such as moving or changing jobs.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy has also been found to be an effective therapy when working with:


  • mood disorders;

  • perinatal depression;

  • eating disorders;

  • addiction.

With a focus on relationships, it looks to address maladaptive thoughts that directly impact our ability to form and maintain healthy relationships.

It is a structured therapy with tasks to complete between appointments, to help compliment strategies learnt in session.


Interpersonal Psychotherapy has been found to be effective using traditional face-to-face sessions and online sessions, via video-conferencing or phone.


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