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Lifestyle Management

Lifes Challenges Don't Have to be Overwhelming

Evolving Minds believes life's challenges don't have to be overwhelming.   With the right help, you can take control of your life and work towards being the best version of you.  In order to do so, we often have to open ourselves to change.


While change can be exciting, as we work toward something new, such as moving house, or changing jobs, there are times when we  underestimate the impact change has on aspects of our lives.  When this happens our routines and lifestyle can be affected, which can spiral us into feeling overwhelmed and out of control.  


During these times, we may have difficulty making decisions and experience feelings of guilt, shame and helplessness. We may also present as angry, confused and sad.

Lifstyle counselling aims to bring balance back into your life, so you feel a sense of control.


Some of the lifestyle changes we work with include:



  • Career Changes

  • Children Leaving Home

  • Health Challenges

  • Moving House

  • Retirement

  • Starting a Family

  • Transition from School to the Workforce

At Evolving Minds, we believe treatment needs to be tailored to your individual needs by warm, kind and empathic counsellors, who want you to take back control, so you can rediscover the best version of you.


If you would like to know more or wish to book an appointment with one of our child psychologist, adult psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist at Evolving Minds Counselling, you can do so by calling (02) 8519 4197 or by clicking on the button below to access our online booking form.  We are also NDIS Providers.