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Find the Gold Nugget


If I were to tell you there is a gold nugget to be found in every mistake, would you believe me?

We often see the mistakes we make as defining moments and while they can certainly shift us in many ways, we often miss the learning that is attached to these moments.

Think about a mistake you made recently. What happened? How did you react? Were you fair to yourself? If not, what made you feel the need to be so critical? If someone else made the same mistake, would you have reacted in the same way?

Now think about what you learnt from that mistake. This is often more difficult to do, as we tend to focus on the outcome, rather than the process. Could it be this mistake keeps repeating itself and you are unaware of why this is the case?

Mistakes are a normal part of life - there is no perfect!! What if you saw the mistake as an opportunity to learn how to do things in a different way or an opportunity to change how you react to life’s challenges? Admitting to our mistakes takes courage as does examining why they happened and what we could do differently next time.

Next time you make a mistake, ask yourself these questions. What did I learn from that? What could I do differently next time? Remember to show yourself some compassion by reminding yourself mistakes are a normal part of life, there is no perfect and this is an opportunity to learn. As Ralph Nader states “your best teacher is your last mistake”.

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