Psychological Support Services

The Psychological Support Services (PSS) program replaced the ATAPS program and entitled you to 12 free sessions over a year, to those who are eligible. 


To be eligible for this service you must meet the following criteria as outlined by the Central and Eastern Sydney Area Health Service:

  1. Children (0-12 years and under) with, or who are at risk of developing a mild to moderate, mental, emotional or behavioural disorder;

  2. Young people (12-25 years);

  3. Women experiencing perinatal depression;

  4. People who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander;

  5. People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds;

  6. People who have attempted, or who are at risk of suicide, or self-harm;

  7. Other underserviced groups, including; adults who are unable to access other available services, including Better Access; adults who are, or are at risk of becoming homeless.


In order to access this service your GP would need to complete a PSS referral form and fax this through to the number on the top of the form for allocation.  


There are separate forms for Children and Adults and Young People.   In order for Evolving Minds to provide the service, you will need your GP to request us as the provider.

Sessions can only be delivered by PSS registered mental health professionals of which Vanessa Allen from Evolving Minds is one such professional.  Vanessa provides these services in conjunction with Lilly Pilly Counselling.