Developmental Trauma

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Taking a reparative parenting approach to the treatment of trauma

Evolving Minds Counselling has worked with complex trauma for many years, both in the capacity of counselling and in the area of Child Protection.  This knowledge enables us to appreciate the complexity of this work and acknowledge the importance of collaboration parents, carers, children, young people and foster care or government agencies who may be involved.

We have also completed the only post-graduate qualification offered in Australia  in Developmental Trauma which enables us to work from a neurobiological perspective.  This qualification is "nationally accredited qualification for professionals, by professionals, in the child trauma field and provides the knowledge and skills to respond to the needs of children and young people affected by the cumulative developmental and neurobiological harm caused by abuse and violence." 

Adolescents and Children who have been exposed to trauma and abuse can exhibit a wide range of behaviours and symptoms which vary in nature, onset, intensity, frequency, and duration.   We also acknowledge triggers which may present due to trauma and abuse, can affect sleep patterns, memory, learning, concentration, behaviour and relationships. 


​​Evolving Minds focuses on the developmental stage from a neurobiological perspective.  Exposure to trauma, according to Perry (2009)  result in a child or adolescent feeling as if they are constantly threatened by their environment, which is why the establishment of trust is so very important.   

A child who experiences toxic stress as the result of trauma, has been found to have increased hormone levels which can result in a decrease in brain size and changes in the brains ability to make connections.  They also often have difficult attachment histories with their caregivers which impacts on their ability to have meaningful relationships.

We use a mix of talking, art and 'theraplay' based interventions, while at the same time incorporating sensory integration into each session.

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