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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-E):
Treatment and Management of Eating Disorders 

Our team of experienced therapists are trained in CBT-E for the treatment and management of eating disorders.

CBT-E operates on the principle our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are interconnected. It focuses on identifying and challenging dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaviour related eating disorders, such as food, body image, and weight. Through structured sessions, you learn coping skills and strategies to manage eating disorder symptoms.

Key Components of CBT-E:

  • Understanding the mechanics of eating disorders, including triggers, maintaining factors, and the cycle of behaviour.

  • Tracking thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and meal patterns to identify problematic patterns.

  • Challenging and modifying negative thought patterns and beliefs related to body image, weight, and food.

  • Testing out new behaviours and coping strategies to challenge fears, assumptions and eating disorder behaviour.


  • Establishing structured meal times and balanced eating habits to regain control over food.


  • Developing skills and strategies to maintain progress and prevent relapse of the eating disorder..

If you're interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to contact Evolving Minds Counselling at (02) 8519 4197 or request an appointment by filling out the online booking form below.


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