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Mental Health Services
Treating Adults, Children and Adults

If you're here because you or someone you care about has taken that important first step, congratulations on making this decision.

The team at Evolving Minds acknowledge how deeply mental health can impact our emotions, daily functioning, and goal achievement. Life's challenges can impede tasks that were once effortless, or our mental well-being might suffer due to factors like grief, stress, anxiety, or relationship issues.

Counselling offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with a qualified professional in a private and secure setting. This relationship thrives on trust and mutual respect, values that Evolving Minds highly value.

We treat a range of mental health conditions including:


​You can reach Evolving Minds on 02 8519 4197, email us at, or schedule an appointment with one of Evolving Minds highly skilled clinicians by clicking the button below and filling out the online booking form.

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