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PTSD can trigger traumatic memories

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD can develop as the result of being exposed to a single or multiple traumatic events and evoke feelings of intense fear and helplessness.  Traumatic events that evoke these feelings, are most likely life threatening or threaten a person’s safety.  Needless to say these events can also negatively affect a person's mental health.


While not everyone who experiences trauma will be diagnosed with PTSD, it is important to know that a person who experiences PTSD does so in real time.  This means the memories of the traumatic even are experienced as if they are occurring now, even though the original incident may have occurred decades before. 


Triggers associated with PTSD are personal, however may include:

  • noises

  • smells

  • sounds

  • intrusive thoughts

  • flashbacks

  • nightmares


Memory can also be significantly impaired by trauma as the brain’s cortex is unable to think, plan or reason when triggered.


Evolving Minds Counselling have extensive training in the treatment of PTSD and provide a range of evidence based interventions, specific to trauma.   We also provide Workers Compensation counselling for PTSD.


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