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Reparative Parenting
Evolving Minds:  Safe Consistent Boundaries

Reparative parenting offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing the bond between parents/caregivers and children/young people. It focuses on nurturing relationships, healing from past trauma, and reducing parental anxiety associated with raising children.

Children who have experienced developmental trauma often display a range of challenging  behaviours that can affect attachment. Additionally, they may face physical and mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression and  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The core principles of reparative parenting are designed to equip parents and caregivers with tools to:

  • Establish predictability through consistent routines and safe environments.

  • Respond to children and young people's behaviors with neutral body language and a calm tone of voice.

  • Foster attunement between children/young people and their environment.

  • Provide children and young people with language to articulate their feelings and emotions.

  • Validate the feelings and emotions expressed by children and young people.

  • Create meaningful experiences and memories through creative means such as art and storytelling.

  • Cultivate safe, predictable, and meaningful relationships.

  • Utilize play to promote self-regulation and positive memory formation.

  • Facilitate rapport-building between the child/young person and their caregivers.

  • Introduce positive coping strategies to enhance self-regulation.

  • Respond to behavior with kindness and understanding.

At Evolving Minds Counselling, we draw on our extensive experience working in out-of-home care within government and private agencies. Our team provides support to carers, parents and case workers. We possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with children in care.

If you're interested in learning more about reparative parenting or wish to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled professionals, please feel free to contact us at 02 8519 4197 or complete our online form below.


We are also proud to be NDIS Providers, committed to serving the needs of our community.

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