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Anger Management
Evolving Minds: Development of Assertive Communication Skills

Anger, while natural and sometimes essential, can impact various aspects of life when it escalates. At Evolving Minds, we have decades of experience in helping individuals of all ages manage anger. 

Anger serves as a natural and adaptive reaction to threats, evoking strong, sometimes aggressive, emotions and behaviour. These responses enable us to fight and defend ourselves in times of attack, playing a vital role in our survival. 

Evolving Minds believes expressing angry feelings assertively, rather than aggressively, is a healthy way to communicate. This involves effectively communicating your needs without causing harm to others. Assertiveness doesn't imply being forceful or demanding; rather, it entails being respectful towards both yourself and others.


The aim of anger management is to lower the the emotional intensity and the physiological response triggered by anger by using skills to regulate your reactions and responses in an assertive and effective way.


At Evolving Minds, our approach to managing anger integrates cognitive restructuring, mindfulness techniques, problem-solving strategies, and effective communication skills. Through these methods, we help individuals identify and address their anger, providing them with a comprehensive toolkit to help with self-regulation.

As noted by Kids Matter, uncontrolled anger in children frequently hampers judgement, resulting in impulsive and aggressive behaviors that may be labelled as oppositional defiant disorder.  For adults anger can lead to heightened stress levels, strained relationships, and even physical health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.

To read more about the effects of anger, please visit Kids Matter or the Australian Psychological Society's fact sheet.

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