Anger Management

Anger Management - Helping Children and Adolescents Manage Big Feelings

Anger management allows us to notice anger in the early states and being able to use appropriate communication to express feelings of anger and frustration, we are teaching children to self-regulate. 

It's really hard to manage feelings we don't recognise.  These feelings can be the result of anxiety, mental health, depression or may be situational. or By giving children perspective, they are able to make sense of bodily sensations such as a fast heartbeat, butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms or a flushed face and  notice anger in its early stages. 

We are also aware many children and adolescents who present as angry can misread their feelings with sadness and anger highly correlated.  Unfortunately when sad kids can't hold big feelings they are often their biggest critic.  Negative self-talk perpetuates feelings of inadequacy and guilt and shame, which are very difficult feelings to hold and the cycle continues.

​​According to Kids Matter "angry feelings often cloud judgment and lead to impulsive or aggressive behaviour rather than thoughtful actions".  By teaching children and adolescents to recognise and name feelings and emotions, we are giving them tools to assert themselves, negotiate and reduce conflict.

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