Anger Management

 A very grumpy young girl with green eye

Anger Management - Helping Children and Teenagers Manage Big Feelings

Evolving Minds Counselling, Menai have decades of experience working with anger.  We also understand the challenges both emotionally and behaviourally, when children and adolescents have difficulty managing these emotions and how anger can impact relationships, peer interactions, mental health and self-esteem.  We also know anger may be due to depression or difficulty managing anxiety.

The Evolving Minds team include child psychologist, counsellors and psychotherpists and recognise these feelings may be due to worries, sadness, frustration, guilt and shame. By giving children the opportunity to notice and unpack what is happening for them, we are able to help them place perspective around their emotions and how they respond to them.

Anger management allows us to notice anger in the early stages so we can build a toolbox of strategies to help with self-regulation.

Evolving Minds are also aware some children and teenagers who present as angry may participate in negative self-talk.  Negative self-talk can perpetuate feelings of inadequacy, guilt and shame and chip away at a person's self-esteem.

​​According to Kids Matter "angry feelings often cloud judgment and lead to impulsive or aggressive behaviour rather than thoughtful actions".  By teaching children and teenagers to recognise and name feelings and emotions, we are giving them tools to assert themselves, negotiate and reduce conflict.

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