Disordered Eating

Disordered Eating- taking a collaborative approach

The most common form of Disordered Eating is dieting.  Due to an importance placed on thinness, dieting is normalised however, more-often the danger associated with this is not discussed or even thought to come under the eating disorders banner.  The role of anxiety is also an important consideration as is the role of social media and the media in general.


Evolving Minds Counselling recgonise the emphasis on diet culture, often promotes an ideal that does not exist which can place enormous anxiety on our children, adolescents and adults to conform to an unrealistic ideal. 

Disordered eating can include:

  • skipping meals

  • dieting

  • eating compulsively

  • using laxatives or diuretics

  • using supplements such as steroid or creatine

  • restricting certain food groups

  • binge eating

  • vomiting


Disordered eating can also mimic the symptoms of binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa and can also sometimes be used to compensate for difficult emotions and stressful situations. 

One of the most common forms of disordered eating is dieting, with research indicating the majority of people who diet regain weight lost.  Mostly this is due to diets not taking into account people's individual needs or lifestyles.

Risk associated with disordered eating include:

  • osteporosis

  • tiredness and loss of concentration

  • headaches

  • insomnia

  • muscle cramps

  • weight gain

  • diabetes

  • development of an eating disorder

Evolving Minds Counselling takes a collaborative approach when working with any eating disorder by providing specialised mental health counselling.  We feel as clinicians it is important to provide a well-balanced approach and this is why we work collaboratively with GPs, Psychiatrists and Dieticians.

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